Vacation Gadget Guide

Traveling can cause enough headaches without worrying your own gear will let you down, whether that’s a piece of luggage that’s too hard to carry or a pair of headphones that don’t cancel nearly as much noise as you’d hoped. Carry this stuff to make you next vacation a little easier, safer, and more fun.

1. The Impregnable Backpack

waterproof bag sale tropical wholesale

There is a no more important piece of travel gear than your luggage, especially if your vacation involves a lot of trekking on foot or hopping from trains or cabs, then that goes for your trusty backpack as well. If you’re looking to keep your possessions as safe as possible, you can opt for the Maui & Sons waterproof bag, complete with tropical patterns. This bag is perfect for outdoor settings like the beach, especially if you have electronic devices you want to protect from possible water damage. Pair with the Maui & Sons waterproof cell phone pouch if you want to take your phone with you on a jet ski ride.

2. Suitcase

Bariloche_black set right size

You may not need a “smart” suitcase, but there is something to be said for always having a power source next to you at the airport. Away Travel’s Carry-On suitcase is available in your choice of two sizes, both of which come with a built-in battery to keep your devices charged. You’ll also get other features like a TSA-approved lock, high-quality Hinomoto wheels, and a scratch-resistant hard shell. You can save money by getting a more affordable carry-on bag from Miami Carry-On. You can also buy this waterproof power bank separately to keep your mobile devices charged.

3. Tablet


Some travelers still travel with a laptop, but today’s tablets are lighter, thinner, and powerful enough to handle most if not all of your computing needs on the go. We recommend Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Its large size means the screen is about as big as a standard piece of paper, so your documents or digital magazines don’t have to become pinch and zoom nightmare. The latest version of iOS is also great at multitasking, and the iPad’s profile is thankfully skinny, so it won’t be taking up a huge amount of space in your carry-on.

If you’d rather stay out of the Apple ecosystem, you can also give Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro 2 a try ($700). This is a Windows alternative at a similar size and price with absolutely excellent battery life.

4. Tablet Keyboard


If you’re doing any amount of typing on a tablet, then you’ll want to make on key addition: a keyboard. The iPad Pro paired with Apple’s own Smart Keyboard ($143) is a particularly capable combination, and Belkin’s versatile Qode Ultimate Pro ($100) is another popular choice for the iPad Air or Air 2. However, Logitech might have the best solution with its Create keyboard. At only $110, the Create is backlit.

5. 3IN1 Travel Set

3in1 Travel kit

Make traveling easier with this comprehensive “3IN1” Travel Set from Naftali. Sleep away your long flight with a comfortable neck pillow, an eye mask to decrease ambient light, and soft foam ear plugs to help decrease noise.


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