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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

So, the holidays are around the corner (already?!), which means it’s time to prepare for stockings on Christmas Day, (or Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.)

What makes a great stocking? Fun, but practical gifts. Items such as a mobile accessory charger or a selfie stick (remember those?)

Here’s a few favorites (for your holiday).

1. Cellphone Power Bank

waterproof power bank

The Portable Rectangle Power Bank offers extra hours of power for your smartphone, and is portable for both indoor and outdoor use. Never fear for lack of an outlet again! Check out the mini power bank if you are looking for something even more compact.

2. Shock Absorption Screen Protector

GAG_iphone6_HD_main RIGHT SIZE

The iPlanet Shock Absorption Screen Protector is a wonderful gift that will protect your smartphone against unavoidable impacts and scratches.

3. USB Wall Charger

Dual AC Wall_pink

Have you been looking for the perfect outfit-matching USB charger to make your cube-mates jealous? Give the gift that keeps on giving.

4. GoPro Hero


Get ready for gorgeous HD video of your latest adventures. If you’re a little more daring, the GoPro Hero is a great way to capture all of your outings.

5. The iPlanet Pro Sound Headphone


Get ready to jam with the iPlanet Pro Sound Headphones! The soft leatherette padded ear cushions gently cover your ears, while the excellent noise cancellation and audio performance will make you a true audiophile. Waiting for your plane to taxi will never be the same.

6. The Compact Selfie Stick with Bluetooth

Mini Selfie Stick Black

Nothing says, “But first, let me take a selfie” like using this Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick. Not only will your giftees squeal with joy when they realize that they can put their awkward selfie-taking-days behind them; they will also have a device that effortlessly syncs with their phone, giving them simultaneous control over the camera and the aperture.

7. Aux Cable

Auxilliary Cord_Black

We know what you’re thinking, “finally an AUX cable!”. Since the arrival of Bluetooth, Aux cables have gotten a bad rap. But for those of us that kept our old vehicles, the aux cable is a versatile tool. Additionally, this cable can be plugged into set of speakers so that your whole family can rock out.

8. Hush Smart Earplugs


Want to silence the crying baby forever? Then the ‘Hush Smart Earplugs’ are for you. Not only will they block out the noise, they also play soothing sounds to help lull you to sleep. These earplugs also have a personal alarm that will go off without disturbing others.

9. Moon Morning iHug Pillow

weird travel accessories

If you have paid attention to the evolution of the travel neck pillow, you will have notices that they have been getting bigger, better, and weirder. The iHug by Moon Morning is a five-in-one device that functions as a neck pillow, eye mask, back support, tablet stand and tablet pouch. Sure, you’re probably not going to pick up any dates, but at least you’ll be comfortable.

10. Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker


Singing in the shower never got so good with these water-resistant, Bluetooth speakers. With multiple colors to choose from, these make the perfect stocking stuffer.



Retailers should pay attention to all of these items and stock up for the holiday rush. For wholesale mobile accessories and wholesale travel accessories at affordable prices, create a wholesale account on our website. 





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