These 7 Travel Accessories Will Help You Stay Organized for 2017!

Keep up-to-date on your New Year’s Resolution to stay better organized when you travel! Get some support from these great products:

1. Travel Gear / Pill Box – $3.99

Pill Box02 right size

Sick of mixing up your prescription medication on the road? Look no further than this chic blue pill sorter. The Miami Carryon pill box set dividers will keep your medicine dry, organized and safe! It can also be used as a key chain or attach it to the belt loop.

2. Travel First Aid Kit – $6.95

first aid kit open

Get ready for the unexpected with this travel-sized First Aid Kit. Whether you need adhesive bandages to cover a cut or a mouth-to-mouth mask in the event of an emergency, the travel First Aid Kit has you covered.

3. 3oz Travel Bottles Set – $4.99

3oz Travel Bottle

Want to get through TSA without a hitch? Take a look at these travel bottles for convenience and get important liquids through security.

4. Vacuum Storage Bag – $7.95

Vacuum Bag

A great way to squeeze more clothes in your bags is by vacuum sealing. This shrink-wrapped packing ensures that nothing extra, including oxygen, is taking up space in your bags.

5. Travel Money Belt – $6.95

Money Belt

Many different compartments for cash, passports, credit card and other travel documents. Comes with a fully adjustable, elastic strap, and made with extra soft, lightweight microfiber material.

6. Packing Cube Set – $22.99


Elevate your packing routine to an art form and get the most out of your packing. The packing cube set ensures effortless organization when planning your trip; everything you need can be conveniently accessed when in a packing cube.

7. Deluxe Garment Bag with Pocket – $16.25


Whether you’re traveling for work, attending a function, or hauling kids from one activity to another, this garment bag is an effortless way to carry and protect clothing and accessories. Constructed from heavy-duty, water-repellant, easy wipe clean polyester, this bag is perfect for those on the go.



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