The Most Anticipated Technology at the Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”) in 2017

The Annual CES, where more than 165,000 people from 150 countries descend on Las Vegas for one reason: To see the greatest consumer technology innovations.

With more than 2.4 million square feet of exhibit space at CES, attendees can expect to see innovative products across all categories. Last year, over 3,600 companies exhibited, including 25 drone makers and 9 automakers – it’s nearly impossible to see everything.

The CES is spread over the City of Las Vegas, including the Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Convention Center, and many of this city’s famous hotel/casinos, such as Mandalay Bay, The Venetian, Westgate, Cosmopolitan, and Wynn.

Here are some of the biggest technology advances expected at CES:

  1. Televisions

Expect giant televisions to play a significant part in CES 2017. Manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Sony will cover their booths in screens boasting Ultra HD and (the new buzzword of the year) HDR, or high dynamic range. Futuristic displays, such as 8k video definition will be showcased.

  1. Phones

Although Smartphones are center stage at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, there will be a few introductions to mobile devices at CES this year. LG will show off five new handsets from the mid-range K series; the phones are called the K3, K4, K8 and K10.

Other rumors suspect that Sony will offer new products at CES as well.

  1. Connected Home

Google Home and Amazon Echo announced the arrival of virtual assistants into people’s homes. For 2017, we expect this trend to continue and CES will likely continue this trend with new arrivals hoping to jump on Google and Amazon’s bandwagon with their own devices.

  1. Cars

Although the Detroit motor show comes later in January, an expanding bunch of car makers see CES as an opportunity to really push the envelope on what the future of motoring could be. BMW is expected to demonstrate its HoloActive Touch technology, which is virtual touchscreen showing what dashboards of the future.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality

HTC will be in Vegas and will be introducing a new version of its Vive VR headset. Speculation remains as to whether it will be a wireless upgrade, a hardware tweak or a completely new version.

Microsoft will be attending CES 2017 so we hope to see an update to the HoloLens augmented reality headset, in addition to the company’s next video game console, dubbed Project Scorpio.

Additionally, VR is opening up in the travel industry; giving the possibility for travelers to ‘try before your buy’ in a way that has previously been impossible. Users will be able to try on clothes and see them in new ways – in the future whole resorts can be explored and consumers can personally check on places before they book.

  1. Bluetooth headphones

With Apple removing the headphones jack, the heavy hitters are expected to follow suit (Samsung in particular). As a result, CES 2017 will most likely feature new Bluetooth headphones from several brands, including these from Naftali’s Versace 19.69 line.

  1. Drones and robotics

Drones are expected to be loaded with sophistication and new features this year, after the person-carrying drone was exhibited at CES last year.

This year, Naftali Inc. will be at CES premiering their new brands and innovative mobile accessories. Visit Booth #31111 for a glimpse at the new products.

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