19V69 Italia Compression Socks for Travel, Diabetic – Victorian (W 10-13 / M 9-12)


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  • Fights odors and anti-fungal: The socks are breathable and keep moisture away. The socks will stop the growth of bacteria and will keep your feet dry all day.
  • Enjoy the graduated compression technology: provides faster muscle recovery and stimulates blood flow. The strongest compression starts from the ankle and decreases gradually moving up the leg. When oxygen circulation improves, the lactic acid buildup is reduced and speeds up muscle recovery.
  • Ideal for sports, daily use, and travel: The socks will reduce muscle fatigue, especially for those who stand up a lot, traveling or actively participate in sports activities like running, hiking, cross fit, etc..
  • Made from 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex: These socks help regulate temperature by keeping you cool when it’s hot, and hot when it’s cold.
  • Awesome gift idea: For your traveling or sporty friends and family, keep them comfy and healthy with these high-quality compression socks, priced for every pocket and stylized by Italy’s finest – Designed in Italy, Made in China.

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The Compression Socks:

These beautiful socks improve blood circulation with a graduated compression system – tense compression at the ankle and a lighter compression moving up the leg. The sock’s material provides flexibility, breathability, and temperature control and resistance to perspiration body oils. Provides excellent support and comfort without sacrificing flexibility. Keeps your legs dry and hygienic while absorbing sweat. These socks are a must for everyone that is active, travels, pregnant or fashionable.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging:

Made from recycled paper and printed with environmentally friendly ink. Designed in Italy.


19V69 Italia

19V69 Italia was established in Milan, by Alessandro Versace, in 2001. With his expertise and long experience in design and fashion, Alessandro Versace created a concept highly dominated by the Italian elegance, style and quality. Nowadays, 19V69 Italia, continuing this tradition and vanguard, creates an individual style of lines, forms, and materials, following the contemporary trends and the consumers’ different needs.

Our Mission 

19V69 Italia focuses on quality preservation in all the fields of the brand’s activities. It keeps alive its tradition and elegance through a continuous procedure of creation and innovation in the field of fashion and the general trends. Each step at the brand’s evolution within the company but also in new co-operations, is characterized by cautious attendance, in order to assure quality without compromise.
The company sets out the guidelines and the requirements of its activities, by highlighting and safeguarding its unparalleled mark.

Our Values

Quality – In every field of corporate activity, quality safeguards the result and the end product, as well as the company’s image throughout the world.

Accountability – Towards the brand, the products, the consumer.

Creativity – Continuous research and observation of the international trends and needs of the consumers, with originality and imagination for the proper utilization of the brand.

 -Proper partnerships throughout the world result to a continuous and stable development and evolution of the brand.

“19V69 Italia” & the figurative flower are trademarks registered of the company Versace 19.69 Abbigliamento Sportivo S.R.L.


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm. www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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V19.69 Italia


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