RFID Blocking Passport Sleeve


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What is RFID?
RFID is a microchip that can be found in passport, credit cards, bank card and ID cards. Each chip emits a radio frequency which can be read and downloaded by thieves
without you knowing using a hand-held RFID-reader from up to 10ft away.

How do I know if my credit card, bank or ID cards are at risk?
Your cards will have a small microchip in it that looks like this:

How do I know if my passport has an RFID chip?
Your Passport will have this symbol on the front page:

How do thieves steal my information without me knowing?
RFID readers can be bought anywhere and by anyone. Identity thieves use hand-held devices that tap into the radio frequency to read the data on your
passport or card.

What information can identity thieves access?
All the information on your passport including, your name, date of birth, the digital photo, the issue and the expiration date, ect… They can have access to your account name, issue/expiration date and account number.

How does the RFID passport and credit card sleeve work?
RFID blocking sleeve use a special material. RFID blocking is a unique material and blocks frequencies to stop RFID readers.



RFID Sleeves are made of a durable Tyvek be bond exterior. Alloy lined card sleeve technology that blocks radio waves and prevents scanners from reading the chip inside your cards and passport. That’s why it’s important to keep your cards and passport inside a shielded holder at all times, unless asked by the authority to remove it for inspection.

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