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Hand Sanitizer Mist
Our hand sanitizers are ISO certified and are made to properly remove germs, minimizing the risk of virus and germ transmission to others. When washing your hands isn’t an option, the Centers for Disease Control Prevention recommends using hand sanitizers as an effective alternative. This powerful hand sanitizer mist uses 75% ethyl alcohol to sterilize your hands and Aloe vera and Green Tea to keep your skin to protect your skin’s moisture. Healthcare professionals, educators, and parents use hand sanitizer to minimize germs’ risk from passing from person to person. To meet the high demand due to the national emergency, we have increased our production volume to keep you and your family safe.

  • Contains 75% ethyl alcohol to help reduce bacteria on the skin.
  • Formula with Aloe Vera and Green Tea to leave hands soft and healthy.
  • Lightweight formula that absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel sticky.
  • Fine mist that distributes product efficiently.
  • Plane-friendly packaging.