Naftali Inc. Partners with Concepcion Ventures

 Naftali Inc., South Florida’s number one source for wholesale mobile accessories and travel accessories, announced a new partnership with Concepcion.

“We are excited to bring our brand to small and mid-sized retailers, in addition to our national brands,” remarked Yosi Naftali, CEO and Founder of Naftali Inc. “We have exclusive rights to both iPlanet and Miami Carry On products, and we are looking forward to bringing high quality wholesale travel accessories to the South Florida market,” Yosi stated.

Naftali Inc. was incorporated in 2009, just as the demand for travel and cell phone accessories spiked. “Mobile and travel accessories are a very hot market, nevertheless, we make sure that all of our products meet stringent quality standards before being released to our customers.” Yosi added.

Naftali Inc. and Concepcion’s new partnership fulfills the company mission to provide faster service, enhanced distribution, and customer satisfaction. “We help retail stores sell quality travel accessories and mobile merchandise to their customer base. Our new partnership with Concepcion ensures that,” Yosi added.

Naftali Inc., products can be found in national retailers, such as Walgreens, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Verizon Wireless. “Although we are a local company at heart, we have an international distribution network. Companies associate our name with quality,” Yosi closed.

Naftali specializes in wholesale travel accessories and wholesale mobile accessories, having developed numerous in-house products through innovative manufacturing processes. With stringent quality assurance protocols in place, Naftali’s ‘Miami Carryon’ and ‘iPlanet’ mobile and travel accessories are both durable and long-lasting, a coveted feature in a market known for low-quality products.

“Our value proposition is in saving our customers time, training, and the burden of cost, so that they have the most cutting edge products – keeping them a step above the competition,” added Yosi. “We anticipate the latest trends so that our customers can make the biggest profits.”


Naftali Inc. is an independent wholesaler of cell phone accessories and travel products. Naftali is based in Miami, Florida and has an international distribution network. For information about becoming a re-seller, register online at