How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

If your mobile phone has already taken a dip in the water, there may be still time to save it. Once the phone is soaked, switch the mobile off immediately. Secondly, removed the casing, and then remove the battery and the Sim card. Wash it thoroughly with clean water to get rid of any impurities such as salt, etc.

Ideally, place your device next to a heat source for approximately 48 hours, try the phone earlier if you need to bit the longer it is left the more successful it will be. You can use the heat source to dry your phone – just keep it far enough away to prevent damage to your device.

Many circuits within the phone will survive water contract as long as they are not attached to a battery when wet. To find out if the phone has been affected by water, check the corner where the battery is. If there is even a little water left inside, it can damage your phone by corroding it and making the circuits flask or short out. Wipe down using a napkin or paper napkin, trying not to block the paper in the gaps and outlets of the phone. Keep wiping gently to remove as much of the residual water as possible.

If you want to try to remove the liquid out of the essential parts of the phone, attempt using a vacuum cleaner if there is one obtainable. Do not use a dryer, as it may force dampness further toward the cracks, reaching the electrical parts deep inside the phone. If dampness is present deeper inside the phone, corrosion and oxidation may result when minerals from liquids are placed on the circuitry which could ultimately cause component failure inside the phone.

An inexpensive option is to place the handset in a bowl or bag of raw rice overnight, Rice cereal, or just enclose the phone in paper napkins. The rice might absorb some leftover dampness.

If it is possible, it is best to use a desiccant and an alternative. Desiccants will soak up dampness better than rice. You can also try slipping the mobile inside a bag that can be preserved or a plastic container.

After you have waited at least 24 hours or longer if needed, make sure to see that every part of your cell phone is very clean and looks dry. You need to check all the ports, sections and in between ports for any dampness or dirt. Clean away any dust and dirt from the gadget and covers and rest in the battery into the phone. Endeavor to power on the gadget, listening for strange noises and observing to see if the phone appears to function accurately.

If you phone is powering on, but does not operate correctly after you’ve dried it, then it’s likely that you’ve missed some water or that corrosion has already occurred. Take away all the covers, battery, cards and other unrelated attachments again, and rub it gently with a clean dry toothbrush.


If you don’t have a waterproof cell phone like the Samsung 7 or 8, we always recommend protecting your phone with a waterproof cell phone pouch. 

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