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Global Trends in Mobile Accessories Market

The mobile accessories market has seen steady growth and innovation throughout the years, as smartphone use continues to increase worldwide. Brands are consistently pushing innovative concepts are both useful and stylish in order to improve the quality of mobile accessories and attract smart consumers.

According to a recent report on the global mobile device accessories market by Technavio, “The market is driven by the increasing adoption of smartphones and tablets. The growth of per-capita disposable income has transformed the buying behavior of consumers. Smartphones have become a necessity for the urban population and their wider adoption among the younger generation will foster growth of the accessories market.”

The following emerging trends are responsible for the majority of the growth within this sector:

  • Growing consumer awareness
  • Wireless accessories
  • Increasing applications of smartphones
  • Tapping into the rural market

Growing consumer awareness

This market segment has seen significant market maturation as consumers are becoming more sensible over the last decade. Consumers are more likely to review sites, blogs, look at reviews, and other metrics for evaluating a brand based on price, quality, and performance. Brands that do not have an online presence can get left behind.

Rural market growth

Over 47% of the global population is based in rural areas, and the penetration of smartphones are relatively low due to budgetary constraints. Now, however, vendors are offering accessories at the lowest price point as to follow within the financial range of rural families.

Wireless accessories

The demand of wireless mobile accessories has been growing rapidly. Bluetooth headsets have surpassed 45-million-unit mark by 2015 indicating the market’s inclination toward wireless audio accessories. Wireless accessories are growing quickly as a high percentage of the “millennial” generation are streaming media.

Increased applications of smartphones

The applications of smartphones are increasing every day and will increase further during the forecast period. Health monitoring is a major application which uses customized accessories along with mobile devices.

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