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How to get the most from wholesale cell phone cases

When you buy name brand phone cases from a retailer, you often pay much more than you would if you purchased cell phone accessories directly from a wholesale distributor. Many name brand phone cases retail for more than $40 US and they can only offer the same level of protection that you might receive at your local cell phone shop or accessory shop.

When it comes to getting more in the way of cell phone accessories you can get many different advantages from trusting enough phone accessories wholesaler over a name brand electronics store.

What are the advantages that you can experience by choosing your phone case from a wholesaler?

  • Prices are a fraction of the name brand. Wholesale phone cases might be less than half the cost than the name brand equivalent and for that money you could potentially get several different phone cases for the price of one.
  • Greater selection. With wholesale phone accessories and cases, you aren’t limited to the accessories that the company has produces. Wholesalers often create lookalike pieces that are far less expensive than the branded version.
  • Cases and accessories to suit your style. With the prices you can receive from a wholesaler you could potentially change your phone case or the color of your phone with your outfit or to suit your mood and for the same price as one name brand accessory.
  • Closer availability. Rather than having to wait for product shipped from the manufacturer you can quite often find a local wholesaler or even replace a broken manufacturer’s case much faster with a wholesale case or accessory.
  • Get something different. Many phones start looking the same when everyone is using the same accessories. Wholesalers are always getting new products in, so your phone will always have a different look than everyone else.

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