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2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again, and what better way to show dad you care than by getting him a top tech gift?

1. Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Dad’s best friend gets an IoT upgrade with this movement-tracking dog collar. The handsome leather neckpiece keeps tabs on Rufus’s whereabouts with GPS, and it can track physical activity just like a Fitbit. Dad can share their long walks with the family by posting maps, distance markers, and photos taken along the way. The collar can track a lost pup, too, should the dog happen to have a habit of sneaking out. $199.

2. Tern Vektron

Let dad be multimodal with this sweet new e-bike, perfect for daily commutes. On the road, it’s sturdy and familiar – 20-inch wheels, all-weather disc brakes – and the Bosch-driven electric drivetrain can save his energy for longer commutes. The Tern is also equipped with an automatic folding mechanism – it’s one of the best in the industry, breaking down and building up in seconds. $3,400.

3. Archive-e Prints

Pick out a nice print from the folks at Archive-e. In addition to photos of the moon, nature scenes, and historical figures, the company has many photos from amazing surf photographers like Ron Church, Thomas Campbell, and Ron Stoner. Pick a frame and a size for any photo in the collection, from 8x10s up to around 40 inches across. The company prints your pick onto high-quality fine art paper and ships it to you, ready to hang next to the tiki bar. Prices vary.

4. Curb 240Z T-Shirt

Has there ever been a Japanese car cooler than the Datsun 240Z? Ask your dad, he’ll tell you: There has been no Japanese car cooler than the Datsun 240Z. Get him this shirt, he can wear it while he drives around in his Datsun.

5. Miami Carryon Rolling Duffle Bag 30”

Duffle Bag black right size

Make sure he travels in style with this sturdy carry on from Miami Carryon. With black, gray, and red duffle bags, your dad can get out for a quick weekend trip with everything he needs. $69.95

6. DUB Emergency Charger

wholesale emergency car battery charger

Nothing says “I Love Dad” than an emergency charger. This handy charger is a god send for those moments when his truck, atv, or boat refuses to start. Equipped with a high charger capacity of 13.600 mah, the DUB Emergency Charger has 400 Cranking amps, and even a USB port for charging. $129.95

7. Cell Phone Power Bank

dub power bank wholesale

Does your dad forget to charge his phone and then run out of battery when you catch-up? Nevermore, with the V19.69 Italia Power Bank. Dad can finally look stylish while charging his phone, with this cleverly disguised flask-like cell phone charger. $119.95

8. Hari Mari x Nokona Generation

Want the best flip flops money can buy? Check out the collaboration from Hari Mari and Nokona: extra-comfy Hari Mari flip flops made with super soft Nokona Leather. The toe post and the straps are made of memory foam, taking wearability up a notch. $110.

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