Buy All Your Cell Phone Accessories, E-Cigs, and Traveling Gear at Naftali Inc.

As one of Miami Beach's leading retailers of cell phone accessories, Vapor-Tec electronic cigarettes, and travel accessories, we at Naftali Inc. believe that you should be able to take advantage of discount deals wherever you are. You can always find something good on clearance, and a wholesale account will let you in buy in bulk for less. Whether you are looking for a cheap way to get your vacation started or are trying to kick your Marlboro habit for good, you are sure to find something here that you need.

Cell Phone Accessories

We have a wide variety of products available for smartphones. Check out our phone holders and cases from iPlanet, the Inward Smartcase and tools, and a huge selection of chargers, adapters, and iPhone data cables. No matter what kind of accessories your store needs, you can find them at Naftali Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigs are quickly growing in popularity, both because you can use them in many public places where traditional cigarettes are banned, and because they can actually help you quit smoking. Try out the Ego-T USB Starter Kit, which comes with a ready-to-smoke e-cig and USB connectivity for charging, for those customers who are just getting started. Take a look at our other Vapor-Tec products while you're there, including our stylish atomizers, and don't forget to pick up a few bottles of e-cig liquid before you head to checkout.

Travel Accessories

If your customers need to completely gear up for their next trip, Miami Carry On has all the suitcases, locks, scales, tags, and straps you could possibly need. If they just need to make sure they won't lose their luggage at the airport again, an Easy2Pick Luggage Finder could be the right solution. Whatever you are looking for, Naftali Inc. is here to make sure you and your customers get on the road without breaking the bank.