Map your Road Trip Escape Plan

There are various stages of planning when it comes to executing the perfect road trip. The sooner you start the planning, the more likely you will have a successful trip. 3 Months Before You Go Start daydreaming about where you like to go. Get roadside attraction apps, park guides. Research parks, monuments, and attractions before […]


7 Best Road Trip Accessories

Although they may seem like a pain to some, road trips can actually be fun if you are prepared. Road trips allow travellers to save money, make multiple stops, and go sight-seeing along the way. Here are some things you should bring in order to make your road trip more enjoyable: 1.  Portable phone charger […]

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How to Buy Luggage

Suitcases, carry-ons, and other kinds of luggage all have plenty in common. They usually come with wheels, a handle, and zippers. But, not all suitcases are the same, and if you buy luggage without doing your homework, you might find out about differences the hard way. According to a Consumers Reports survey, of more than […]

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9 Easy Airport Hacks to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

Airports can be confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for first-time travelers. Airport issues can definitely take the fun out of travelling. Use these airport hacks to make your next trip a breeze: 1. Bring Your Own Snacks: Airport food can be pricey. Save money by bringing your own snacks in your carry-on luggage. As […]


Believing These 5 Travel Myths Will Cost You Money

Travelling can be intimidating, especially for international destinations. These five myths can cost travelers a lot of money. 1. “Bring Cash or Traveler’s Checks to International Destinations” Keeping your money safe during travel does not have to mean getting a stack of traveler’s checks, or hiding a huge wallet under your clothes said Benjamin Glaser, […]