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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

So, the holidays are around the corner (already?!), which means it’s time to prepare for stockings on Christmas Day, (or Hanukah, Kwanza, etc.) What makes a great stocking? Fun, but practical gifts. Items such as a mobile accessory charger or a selfie stick (remember those?) Here’s a few favorites (for your holiday). 1. Cellphone Power […]


7 Best Road Trip Accessories

Although they may seem like a pain to some, road trips can actually be fun if you are prepared. Road trips allow travellers to save money, make multiple stops, and go sight-seeing along the way. Here are some things you should bring in order to make your road trip more enjoyable: 1.  Portable phone charger […]

Wholesale Tips

Finding Wholesale Suppliers

When on the hunt for wholesale suppliers, it’s critical to know how to differentiate between legitimate wholesale suppliers and retail stores posing as wholesale suppliers. A true wholesaler buys directly from the manufacturer and will usually be able to offer you significantly better pricing. How to Spot Fake Drop-shipping Wholesalers Depending on where you’re searching, […]

wholesale tips
Wholesale Tips

Wholesale Tips for Retailers

Deciding What to Sell Investigate sources of products before committing to starting a wholesale to retail business. Choosing the right products can determine the success of your business. Make sure you can obtain these products at a low cost and there is adequate demand so you have an opportunity to make money from the sale. […]

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How to Buy Luggage

Suitcases, carry-ons, and other kinds of luggage all have plenty in common. They usually come with wheels, a handle, and zippers. But, not all suitcases are the same, and if you buy luggage without doing your homework, you might find out about differences the hard way. According to a Consumers Reports survey, of more than […]

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Naftali Inc. Announces New Wholesale Products

If you’re planning to travel soon, then we have you covered! Naftali Inc. is happy to announce new products to our collection of wholesale travel accessories and wholesale mobile accessories. Retailers can shop online for these awesome new products by creating an account here. 1. Our new Waterproof Power Bank will save your battery life […]

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10 Amazing Tech Gadgets Under $35

These amazing tech gadgets will not only make your life easier, they will also make you look cool while using them. The best part? They are all under $35. Here is our list of must-have tech gadgets under $30: Tile – The Bluetooth Key Finder – $25 This sleek device allows you to track your […]