9 Easy Airport Hacks to Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

Airports can be confusing and difficult to navigate, especially for first-time travelers. Airport issues can definitely take the fun out of travelling. Use these airport hacks to make your next trip a breeze:

1. Bring Your Own Snacks:

Airport food can be pricey. Save money by bringing your own snacks in your carry-on luggage. As long as there are no liquids, there should be no issue getting through security. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up at a water fountain inside the terminal to save even more.

2. Mark Your Luggage:

To avoid issues finding your luggage at baggage claim, use a colorful luggage tag. Colorful tape wrapped around one of the suitcase handles also works.

3. Wear Heavy Clothing to Reduce Luggage Weight:

Suitcases should always be weighed at home using a luggage scale before leaving to the airport. If you didn’t do that and your suitcase is overweight, take out heavy clothing items and put them on until you get through security. Visit any airport gift shop and ask for an empty bag to place the extra clothing in. The airline won’t charge you for an extra carry on if they think you purchased the items at the airport.

4. Check in Online:

Skip long lines by checking in online before arriving at the airport. Signing up for TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry can even help you skip security.

5. Download Entertainment at Home:

If you are planning on keeping yourself or your kids entertained by reading eBooks or watching movies from a laptop or tablet, download them before arriving at the airport. This way, you won’t have to pay for WiFi on the plane. If you do pay for WiFi, setting the time back on your device when time is running out, can give you some extra free time.

6. Take a Red Eye Flight:

If you are not a fan of waiting in line or sitting in traffic, consider booking a red eye flight. There is always less traffic and shorter lines when you fly at night.

7. Bring a Portable Charger:

Although most airports have accessible plugs to charge your devices, they are typically always being used by other travelers. Bring a portable charger instead to charge your phone from anywhere. This is especially useful for when you land at your destination. If you are in a foreign country, they may have a different outlets and you will not be able to charge your phone with a regular charger. Portable chargers are light and come in mini sizes.

8. Take a Photo of Your Parking Spot:

If you are parking your car at the airport throughout your trip, take a photo of the parking space. This will make it easy to find when you return two weeks later.

9. Keep Your Documents With You:

It is very common for airlines to offer to check your carry-on bag if the overhead bins are filling up. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your documents in your carry-on bag and allowing the flight attendant to check your bag. If you are travelling to a foreign country, you need your documents in order to go through customs. You can’t use them if they are in your carry-on bag!