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8 New Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories

Great news! Naftali Inc. added new wholesale mobile and travel accessories to our website! Now wholesalers can shop online for Naftali Inc.’s latest products including cell phone and iPad cases, portable chargers, waterproof backpacks, and more. Naftali Inc. recently partnered with brands such as V19.69, DUB, Pink Fizz, and Maui & Sons to add to their wide collection of high-quality mobile accessories. Take a look at some of the awesome new products here:

1. Maui & Sons Waterproof Backpack

These stylish new backpacks will take you straight to Hawaii with their bright patterns. Not only are they stylish, but they are also waterproof so you can take them on your next surfing adventure. Keep your belongings safe in these vibrant backpacks.



2. Maui & Sons Cell Phone Cases

These colorful cell phone cases were also inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian islands. Made for both iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus, these cell phone cases are durable and stylish.



3. Maui & Sons Laptop Sleeve

Protect your MacBook from damage with our premium laptop sleeve. As our other Maui & Sons products, this laptop cover has tropical written all over it. We offer a variety of colors and patterns for these wonderful laptop covers.



4. DUB Car Chargers

These new DUB car chargers are great for charging any mobile device on the go. All DUB chargers have Dual USB ports and come in metallic silver and gold colors. Choose from one with a built-in air purifier or a built-in emergency hammer. These are perfect fro car fanatics. See more DUB mobile accessories here.

charger Dub2

5. DUB Wireless Charger

This charging pad allows you to charge your phone without the hassle of wires. Made with high-quality aluminum, this charger is reliable and practical.

Wireless charger Dub

6. DUB Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for car enthusiasts. This awesome speaker has a built-in mic for phone calls, an optional suction cup mount, and 5 buttons for full playback control.


7. V19.69 Power Bank

Charge your mobile devices anywhere with our elegant V19.69 portable chargers. This stylish, leather wrapped charger is the perfect tech accessory to keep with you. You can purchase it in red, black, or navy and with different battery life levels.


8. V19.69 White & Gold Earphones

These elegant earphones are great for everyone who still believes in headphone jacks (which is most people!). These high-quality headphones are stylish and easy to sell.




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