8 cool apps and gadgets you should use the next time you travel

With the ubiquity of technology, you never have to overpay for flights, struggle to book a place to stay, or suffer through meals at mediocre restaurants.

But with so many available apps and gadgets, which ones will really save you time and money or make your trip more fun?

From apps that act like a 21st-century travel agent to gadgets that work as a suitcase and a phone charger, we’ve compiled the coolest tech products you need on your next trip.

1. Pack Simply: The TSA-approved travel kit you need.

Pack Simply is taking the hassle out of transporting your travel-sized toiletries with its TSA-approved toiletry bag online. Pack Simply ships the bag to you, packed and ready for your trip.

Pack Simply divides the toiletries into several categories (shampoo, shaving, medicine, etc.) and lets you add products to your cart. Each category has about 10-15 products to choose from, and if you spend more than $20 on products, Pack Simply includes the $4 clear plastic travel bag for free.

Want to pack you own? Check out this 13 piece travel bottle kit. It features a variety of different containers and its own plastic bag, perfect for going through security at the airport.

13pcs Travel Bottle_Set

2. Lola is like having an on-call travel agent.

Created by Kayak cofounder Paul English, Lola is an app with a messaging interface that connects users with a team of travel consultants who will take care of every step of the travel planning process.

3. G. Spotting is a curated travel directory from Gwyneth Paltrow herself.

Gwyneth Paltrow, the epitome of sophistication, now has an app that allows you to travel like the star herself. With a directory of over 27 destinations worldwide, find the best restaurant, places to shop, choose a hotel, and dress like a local.

4. The popular game “Ballz” will alleviate airport boredom.

“Ballz” is your personal babysitter while you wait to board your flight.

Similar to “Breakout” – you have to use a ball to break through numbered tiles. The number on a tile signifies the number of times you have to hit it before it breaks. But the best part about “Ballz” is that you don’t need an internet connection to play, so the game could last you for your entire flight.

5. VSCO will make your vacation photos look Instagram-ready.

VSCO is a free app that lets you fine-tune your photos – for whatever the occasion. With so many filters available, you may be at a lost when it comes to editing your photo. Never fear, VSCO is constantly adding new filters to the app.

VSCO is available on the App Store and The Google Play Store.

6. Turo, the Airbnb for rental cars.

Turo lets you rent a car directly from its owner rather than going through companies like Hertz or Avis. You can rent luxury cars like Teslas or Mercedes, or everyday rides like a Toyota or Honda. Turo may get you a better rate than the big rental companies.

7. The Light Phone is perfect for calls… and that’s it.

The Light Phone is perfect for when you want to disconnect but still need to make some calls. The phone costs $150 and may be the perfect vacation phone – it doesn’t text, connect with social media, or have a camera, but it does send calls and receive them. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are worth having.

8. Power Bank


You don’t always have access to a power outlet while traveling. Having a portable charger can save you in an emergency. These stylish luxury power banks are available on our site starting at just $80.

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