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7 Top Android Accessories of 2017

Shop for the best headphones, portable chargers, and more Android accessories.

The best thing about the Android ecosystem is its compatibility with a huge variety of products, thanks to its open-source platform. While everyone uses their phone somewhat differently, there are plenty of reasons to look into the truly vast market for accessories and add-on gizmos. From waterproof cases, to clamp on lenses for your phone’s camera, to portable chargers to keep you juiced up, check out the best Android accessories.

  1. Best Selfie Stick: Want to take the best shot, but have small arms? Never fear – The Selfie Stick with Bluetooth enables you to see the bigger picture. Enabled with Bluetooth, you can easily take perfect selfies with the click of a button. With its portable size, it is a great choice for travel.
  2. Best Portable Charger: At the top of any list of smartphone accessories should be a portable charger or external battery. This is a competitive space, but Naftali’s affordable Single Coil Wireless Charger is one of the best all-around charging stations you can buy. With a transmission distance of fewer than 10 millimeters, your device can be conveniently placed near the device for easy charging.
  3. Best Headphones: Bluetooth headphones are all the rage these days, however, few have the luxury and exclusivity of the V19.69 Italia Headphones. Wrapped in leather, these design-worthy headphones are as sure to turn heads in addition to crystal-clear sound.
  4. Best Speaker: After a portable charger, a Bluetooth speaker is perhaps the next most important accessory for your smartphone. While the variety of Bluetooth speakers available is overwhelming – with each one satisfying its own niche – the water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is your best bet. Use it outdoors or even in the shower. It connects in seconds and is controllable at a range of up to 32 feet. The built-in battery allows for up to 6 hours of playtime.
  5. Best Keyboard: Smartphones have gotten so powerful that for many people they serve as a primary computer. The only problem for most people is typing. Touch-based keyboards are getting better, but some people still prefer the tactile familiarity of a physical keyboard. For these folks, there’s an increasingly diverse line of keyboards compatible with Android devices. And the best one is the iKeyboard from Naftali.
  6. Best Waterproof Case: Whether you are spending the day at the beach, by the pool or just out in the elements, it’s important to keep your smartphone protected. The High-quality Polyester and clear PVC material enable you to use your touchscreen smartphone without opening the bag. Check emails, messages, Facebook and more. This waterproof cell phone pouch will help protect your phone and other small personal belongings while at the beach, the pool, and other outdoor activities.
  7. Best Portable Stand: Keeps your device at different comfortable reading or viewing angles in either landscape or portrait view. It is highly versatile and can be used to read music or books on a plane, to give lectures and presentations in the classroom, to participate in video conferences in the office, to read recipes in the kitchen, or to watch movies or other programs at home.