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7 Best-Selling Travel Accessories For Your Store!

Are you looking to give your store a boost in 2017? These popular wholesale travel accessories fit well in any type of store. Check out the best-selling travel accessories for your store:

1. DVT Flight Compression Socks

DVT Socks_blue right size

Compression socks are well known for aiding in the prevention of DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. They are effective in reducing swelling from air travel.

DVT Flight Socks, $9.95, available through Naftali Inc.

2. Inflatable Neck Pillow


With this u-shape pillow you will never have to worry about neck pain again. The Neck Pillow can be folded into a small size pouch, convenient for carrying.

Inflatable Pillow, $4.95, available through Naftali, Inc.

3. A pocket-size Bluetooth speaker

EWRBTSP_BT Speakers_Colors right size

If you’re looking for a pocket-sized speaker when cutting up veggies or dancing in the kitchen, then look no further than the Ultra-Portable Pocket Size Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. This 1.7-inch cube will provide 12 hours of unadulterated listening time.

Anker Ultra-Portable Pocket Size Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, $19.99, available at Amazon.

4. Selfie Stick with Bluetooth

Green iPlanet MINI Selfie Stick

Grab an on-sale Selfie Stick for the best Holiday memories this year. With Bluetooth, the sharing options are endless! Comes in all colors!

Selfie Stick with Bluetooth, $14.95, available at Naftali Inc.

5. Versace 19.69 Headphones


There’s few of life’s pleasures as great as listening to some lively tunes from a stylish pair of headphones. Classic black and gold color scheme delivers a strong appearance combined with a luxurious leather headband.

Versace 19.69 Headphones, $125.95, available at Naftali Inc.

6. Versace 19.69 iPad Case


Get a designer iPad Case for the Holidays, nothing quite like beautiful designs for your iPad.

Versace 19.69 iPad Case, $59.95, available at Naftali Inc.

7. Compatible Wireless Charging Phone Case

Wireless Charging Case_Gold_01 right size

No need to bring your charging cord with you (and awkwardly look for an outlet at the airport). This Charging Phone Case does all the heavy-lifting for you. Good for several charges.

Compatible Wireless Charging Phone Case, $29.95. available at Naftali Inc.


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