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7 Cell Phone Accessories Your iPhone 7 Needs

The iPhone 7 is the de facto ruler of the smartphone world. Get the best accessories for your iPhone today:

  1. AirPods – The new iPhone does not have a Headphone Jack, which would be a problem if you want to listen to music while charging, but the new Airpods solve this problem. Airpods are now available at a price of $159. You can also opt for any pair of bluetooth headphones.
  2. Tempered Glass – A tempered glass screen protector is a must have accessory for you iPhone. Tempered glass is 4x stronger as compared to ordinary glass which will give your screen a protection.
  3. Cell Phone Case – Invest in a high-quality, shockproof case. This will ensure that your screen remains protected. These new V19.69 cell phone cases are stylish and durable.
  4. Apple Watch – Another one of the must-have accessories for your new iPhone 7 – especially if you want to integrate fitness tracking. The Apple Watch has been surrounded by a lot of hype – but many users say the product lives up to the hype.
  5. Charging Cradle – A convenient stand for your iPhone 7 that doubles as a charging station.
  6. Selfie Stick – The perfect solution for those who love a good selfie. Newer varieties have Bluetooth to connect seamlessly with your device. Check out this mini bluetooth selfie stick, which is compact enough to fit in your pocket. This is great for travel, so you don’t have to ask strangers to take your photo in order to get a great shot.
  7. Power Bank – Apple claims that the iPhone 7’s battery life last for 615 minutes; however, if you use your device constantly, you’re going to need a portable charger to maintain communication with your friends and family. Our collection of portable chargers has many styles and designs to choose from.

Even though the new iPhone 7 has many changes, you can always accessorize to match your lifestyle preferences.