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The 6 Weirdest Travel Accessories

Travel can be fun, but it’s often associated with many inconveniences, which is why travel accessories can just make life easier. Whether it’s the latest cellular accessory or an ergonomic neck pillow, it’s nice to know that someone out there is focused on your comfort while traveling.

The following accessories, however, are a bit outside of the mainstream; not necessarily chic, these clever inventions provide solutions to universal travel problems.

1. Dresstogo

weird travel accessories


If you are a self-avowed-bag-carrying-hatter, then you should definitely consider a piece of clothing from Jacktogo. This jacket comes with 14 different pockets so that travelers can carry all of their belonging on their body – hands free! However, carrying everything at the same time can be a lot of work – make sure that you are up to the task first!

2. Lechal Haptic GPS Shoes

gps shoes


Sick and tired of looking at Google Maps for directions? These awesome GPS shoes have got you covered. These shows are powered by small pods that make your shoes a GPS device. After connecting them to an app on your smartphone, you put in an address and the shoes vibrate when it’s time to turn left or right.

Although the shoes were originally created for the visually-impaired, they also make a great accessory for a traveler getting acquainted with a new city.

3. Flip Belt

weird travel accessories


All runners have a similar problem – where do you put your keys when you’re out on a run? Enter FlipBelt: this stretch belt can be worn while you’re running and has secret pockets to hold your keys, money, and even your phone. If you have no concern for style, then this is your perfect belt. This is also a great option if you want to avoid pickpockets while traveling. For a more practical and affordable option, see the Miami CarryOn travel belt.

4. Moon Morning iHug Pillow

weird travel accessories


If you have paid attention to the evolution of the travel neck pillow, you will have noticed that they have been getting bigger, better, and weirder. The iHug by Moon Morning is a five-in-one device that functions as a neck pillow, eye mask, back support, tablet stand, and tablet pouch. Sure, you’re probably not going to pick up any dates, but at least you’ll be comfortable.

5. Outdoor Shower

outdoor shower


Get ready to stay clean if you go out into the great outdoors. This portable shower from the Cool People Shop. You just need to attach a garden hose, step on the small platform, and water sprays up through little nozzles.

6. Hush Smart Earplugs

ear plugs


Not even the best ear plugs can drown out the noise of the crying baby sitting next to you on a plane – but these can. Hush Smart Earplugs will not only block out noise, they also play soothing sounds to help lull you to sleep. Did we mention that Hush also has a personal alarm that will go off without waking up other people in the room? Yes!


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