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5 Great Gifts for Football Fanatics!

It’s that time of the year again! Football fans, get ready for the season by getting your favorite team’s football merchandise.

1. NFL Selfie Sticks

These limited edition NFL selfie sticks can help you remember the best games by taking photos and sharing them instantly with your friends on social media.

No matter if you’re a Jets fan or a Giants fan these selfie sticks will advertise your team loyalty and make sure you get the perfect shot of your friends and family enjoying game day. Picture this. Your team won, there are so many emotions. You go back home and decide to party, what better way to capture the moment than with a selfie stick? A selfie stick will preserve all the memories (and photos) for years to come.

Here’s a few of our NFL mini selfie sticks with bluetooth from our extensive selection:

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2. Football Drinking Helmet

football gifts

What better way to enjoy the game than having your trusty Football Drinking Helmet on your cap? This helmet is an amusing way to both support your team’s spirit, and content with your pangs of thirst during a heated play. Check out the Football Drinking Helmet that works for you.


3. Football Toaster

football gifts

Don’t like toast? Would that change if you could get your favorite team’s logo printed on your bread? Thanks to the ProToast toaster from Pangea, this great idea is now a reality!


4. Pacifier for Football Dads

football gift ideas

Looking for other ways to keep junior quiet? Nothing says silence (or “go Pats!”) like inserting your team-specific pacifier into your child’s mouth. Now others will know where your child’s allegiance lies, whether they like it or not!

Plus, it can make them quiet for once – which is good news for everyone!


5. Paper Lamps for Football Parties


These rice paper lamps are perfect for your football party setup. Get one here to celebrate your favorite team in style during games, or even all year round.




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