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14 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Modern Moms

Mother’s Day is only a couple of weeks away. Still not sure what to get the most special woman in your life? Here are some great last minute gifts for mom:

1. A Weekend Getaway

mothers day trip

Purchase a weekend getaway for her if you are looking to splurge, because let’s face it, she deserves it. There are many budget friendly destinations within the US, try somewhere close to home. Surprise her by giving her a travel kit (including a neck pillow, ear plugs, flight socks, etc.) and tell her she will need it as you follow up with a plane ticket to her dream destination.

2. New Luggage

black luggage set gift

Everyone loves a new set of luggage. Choose a stylish, vibrant luggage set to match her personality. This is a great gift that she can actually use and you can borrow from her later.

3. Flowers & Chocolate

mothers day gifts flowers

This classic gift never disappoints. If you are reading this the day of Mother’s Day because you are a true procrastinator, this is your best choice. Throw in a gift card to her favorite restaurant or store.

4. Edible Arrangements

edible arrangements gift

The healthier option would be an edible arrangement, made out of delicious fruits. Kill two birds with one stone by combining food and flowers.

5. Spa Day 

spa gift mothers day

Every mother’s dream. A full day of relaxation and getting pampered. You can find great, affordable spa packages on Groupon. Buy two so she can take someone with her. Packages can range from $30 to $100.

6. iPad

mothers day gift ipad

If she doesn’t have one already, this is a gift that will blow her away. She can use it for reading, or browsing the internet on the go.

7. Power Bank

mini power bank gift

If her phone battery is always on 1% this is a great gift for her to recharge it on the go. This Mini Power Bank is light and compact, perfect for her purse at only $13.

8. Record Player

crosley record player

This portable turntable can play digital music or vinyl. This will remind her of her past but is still useful for her present. The perfect combination for about $170.

9. New Perfume

perfume gift mother's day

Another classic gift. Visit any department store and find a fragrance that suits her. Some trendy fragrances that never fail: Chloe by Chloe, Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf, Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

10. Bluetooth Selfie Stick

mini selfie stick gift

If your mom is obsessed Facebook like many moms these days, try giving her a selfie stick that will allow her to capture photos with a Bluetooth remote. If she isn’t fond of social media, this is still a great gift, as it will allow her to fit the whole family in the frame when taking a group photo at the next family function. This mini selfie stick is portable and is just $19.95.

11. A Yoga Class

yoga mothers day gift

Buy your mother a couple of yoga classes to help her relax and get in shape. These are also available on Groupon.

12. Spotify

mothers day gifts

If she doesn’t have one already, buy her a Spotify subscription so that she can listen to her favorite songs at any time for just $10/month. Pair the gift with some new headphones.

13. A Puppy

puppy present mothers day

This is a gift anyone can appreciate. Make sure she wants one and is able to care for it before actually buying or adopting one.

14. Wine of The Month

wine club gift

If your mother loves wine, a membership to a wine of the month club is perfect. She will get unique bottles of wine delivered to her door every month, based on her taste and preferences. Most wine clubs are about $30 per month and can be purchased for different time frames (3 months, 6 months, 1 year).