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10 Best Wholesale Mobile Accessories for 2017

There’s nothing like getting a good deal on wholesale mobile accessories. What better way for your retail operations to prepare for the new year than to get a great deal on your wholesale products.

Here are a few of the top-sellers for the new year:

  1. USB Lightning Cable

iPhone 5 Cable_white right size

You can never have enough cables for your phone. Especially with the release of the lightning focused iPhone 7, these cables aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This is a great, reliable item to stock your store with. These come in a veriety of colors and never go out of style.


  1. Selfie Stick with Bluetooth


Whoever told you that selfie sticks are passé, obviously didn’t know that they come with colors and have Bluetooth – amirite?

Take coveted selfies like a pro, no more waiting for your friends to get that perfect angle.This mini selfie sticks with bluetooth fits a variety of phones.

  1. Sports Armband for iPhone

Sports Armband_live

The high-performance Stylish Circle Printing Armband, for iPhone® 4/5/5C doesn’t just protect your phone while you’re exercising it’s also incredibly comfortable to wear.

The secure fit and slim design stays out of your way, so you forget you’re even wearing it. Now you can concentrate on your workout, not on your device.

  1. Shock Absorption Screen Protector Pack of 2

100Pcs-DHL-0-33mm-Premium-Tempered-Glass-Screen-Protector-Film-For-Alppe-iPhone-6-Plus-5 right size

iPlanet® Shock Absorption Screen Protector is designed to protect your precious phone against unavoidable impacts and scratches. Our groundbreaking 4-layered shock absorbing technology will keep your device as good as new after a long period of time. This entire protection package includes a sheet of film, only for front screen, a squeegee, micro fiber fabric, and instructions.

  1. Waterproof Power Bank

waterproof power bank

The Waterproof Power Bank by iPlanet® is a high-capacity backup battery designed to recharge your phone or tablet on the move. Especially valuable when you have no access to main power.

Perfect for camping, hiking, water sports etc. Its high capacity Lithium-ion battery will ensure you never run out of power during your travels.

  1. Versace 19.69 Headphones


Classic black and gold color scheme delivers a strong appearance – combined with a luxurious leather headband and comfortable soft lining – what’s not to love?

  1. Versace 19.69 iPad Case


Nothing makes a statement like a Versace 19.69 iPad Case. From strikingly modern patterns to flowy renaissance impressionism, you might be mistaken as an art critic when you are really just checking your emails.

  1. Versace 19.69 iPhone Leather Case

leather wallet iphone case

You know you’ve made it when you can splash out on a Nappa Leather iPhone Clutch. Whether you need an accessory for a night out on the town or just want to look effortlessly upscale, the Versace 19.69 iPhone Leather case is just the choice for you.

  1. Magnetic Car Mount Holder


As a car mount: This high-quality 360-degree ball mount allows you to adjust to any angle, so you can keep your phone FULLY-IN-VIEW-ALWAYS.With its adhesive base, this universal magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any phone. You can stick it wherever you need it.



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