10 Essential Travel Accessories for Your Next Trip

A successful trip lies in the details.

So, what are some of the best accessories to bring with you on your next adventure? Here are a few of our top sellers:

1. Mini Power BankEIPP2202_BK

Charge your phone and other mobile devices anywhere with this mini portable battery. Travelling is hectic, and you may not always have time to be near an electrical outlet, especially when you’re out and about. Keep this power bank in your bag to make sure your cell phone is always available for emergencies.



Digital Luggage Scales_01 RIGHT SIZE2. Digital Luggage Scale

Don’t waste time at the airport sifting through your luggage to reduce weight and avoid fees. Use this digital luggage scale to weigh your bags BEFORE arriving at the airport. This scale is compact, so it’s easy to take it with you . It comes in a variety of colors to choose from.



3. A Kindle! pexels-photo-76942

With long battery life, decent reading experience, and much lighter than hauling 2-3 books! The kindle is easier on your eyes, won’t drain your cell phone battery, and is an economical buy.


4. The Pink Compact Selfie Stick with BluetoothPink MINI Selfie Stick

Admittedly, you can choose any color you like, but the Bluetooth-enabled selfie stick are ‘selfies’ best friend when you are out in the field. Tired of toggling your smartphone to get that perfect angle? The selfie stick will effortlessly sync with your phone, giving you total control over the camera, the aperture, and your smartphone. Get the perfect picture with the pink selfie stick.

5. Universal Travel Adaptor with USB Port Travel Adapter_white

This travel adaptor will allow you to plug in your devices in almost any country including Australia, Brazil , Japan and most European countries. This adaptor also has 2 USB ports to connect additional devices.


6. The iPlanet® Pro Sound Headphone EIPH1012BK_2

Get ready to jam with the iPlanet® Pro Sound Headphone set! The soft leatherette padded ear cushions gently cover your ears, while the excellent noise cancellation and audio performance will make you a true audiophile. Waiting for your plane to taxi will never be the same.


7. Sports Armband for Samsung Galaxy Sports Armband_live

It’s the perfect day: sun is shining, birds are chirping, and you’re getting ready for your run – when you realize that you have no armband and your phone will have to sit precariously in your pocket. Problem solved! The high-performance armband will keep your Samsung Galaxy secure, and will be comfortable to wear. Now get back to that run, your device is secure!


8. Luggage Belts/2 Way Luggage Strap 2 way Luggage Strap_Step 2

Nothing says classy quite like our colorful luggage belts (did I mention that they are effective at securing your luggage, too?). The straps are made from durable woven polyester, and the ID tag is made from PVC – these hardy luggage bags aren’t going anywhere!


9. 5IN1 Travel Set 5in1-Travel Kit

You might as well fly first class when you have this travel set as your companion. With an inflatable pillow and ergonomic design to contour to your body, you will think you are sleeping in your own bed. Enjoy the Soft foam ear plugs to eliminate those annoying cabin sounds, and wear the eye mask to block out any unwanted visual intrusions.


10. Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch  black waterproof cell phone pouch

This waterproof cell phone pouch will keep your phone and other small belonging protected while at the beach or any other outdoor activity. If you are going on a beach vacation, this is the perfect accessory to protect your phone against sand and water.



Need more awesome travel accessories? Check out our main page for unbeatable wholesale prices to sell to your customers! We also offer a variety of wholesale cell phone accessories including iPhone cases, bluetooth speakers, power banks, and more. 

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